Sorelle de Nicola Feyles – Spring 2019

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You won’t find Sorelle de Nicola Feyles on a map, and certainly not through Google. Booking an appointment to see Feyles takes some local connections, in this case through a Gavi-based colleague of ours. The process goes like this - You reach out to proprietor Antonio de Nicola with a letter, you don’t hear back for a month, and the day

Produttori del Gavi – Spring 2019

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Did you say Gavi? Everything old is new again? I’m half deep into a love affair with this most noble white grape of Piemonte. Gavi’s planted vineyard area is 1,200 hectares in total (Napa is 18,000 hectares by comparison), and the village of Gavi itself serves as the region’s center. The DOC as a whole is made up of

New Podcast Episode – Catching up with Daniel Stewart of Guerrieri Rizzardi

By |March 26th, 2019|Categories: Italy, Podcast|

The venerable Guerrieri Rizzardi estate is on a roll these days, cranking out some of the most interesting examples of Amarone, Valpolicella Ripasso, and Soave Classico you'll find anywhere. Daniel Stewart paid us a visit last week and caught us up on all things Rizzardi-related. To listen, click here or pull us up on Spotify. A full

Champagne – Winter 2019

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The final leg of this intense tour took us (fittingly) to Champagne, where we spent full days with both Champagne De Saint Gall and Champagne Moutard. Alex Moutard shows us Arbanne in barrel! Champagne Moutard + Moutard Pere et Fils Lucien Moutard began producing Champagne under his own name in 1952 from grapes grown on

Loire Valley (Part Three) – Winter 2019

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Day three in the Loire took us to Sancerre, where we were able to catch up with our four main producers in the region - Henri Bourgeois, Gerard Fiou, Gilles Lesimple, and Pierre Riffault. Henri Bourgeois Family owned wine companies with the ability to keep the quality sky-high from generation to generation, even at scale...We are into this sort