Introducing GrapeWein 2020

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We were extremely sad to hear Prowein 2020 would be cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns. The mother of all wine trade shows, Prowein is impeccably organized, a ton of fun, and also our most productive commercial event of the year. We want to maintain the opportunity to connect you with our producers for crazy deals on volume commitments, and for this reason we are taking matters into our own hands – Introducing GrapeWein 2020.

We purchased three beautiful/kind-of-expensive Kandao 360 Meeting cameras, picked up three giant video screens, upgraded our Zoom subscription to platinum, and queued up DHL shipments on the same pre-release samples that producers would have shown at ProWein. Pencils have been sharpened on pricing, and the best part is that EVERYONE in our community has the opportunity to get in on this action! Meetings will take place at each of our three West Coast offices between March 16 and 27. We are kitting each space out with delicious food including gorgeous jamon from Iker Fernandez! Just for kicks we will be dressed unusually sharp. Click the signup link, pick your time slot, and select three producers you’d like to virtually meet with. The producers will chime in via video upon your arrival, wines will be tasted, and deals will be cut for Summer/Fall arrival.

Here is the signup link:

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Introducing our new podcast, GRAPE: Unfined/Unfiltered

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Always looking for more ways to connect you with our winemakers, we’ve created the GRAPE: Unfined/Unfiltered podcast in order to give you some extra insight on the Grape Expectations wines in your sales bag, your retail shelves, or your wine list.  As of today it is up on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and Spotify, so take a listen when you get in your car!

This first take was a bit of a test run, so bear with us as we continue to improve the audio quality, splice in some intro/outro music, etc…

Various members of our team here at Grape will act as rotating “hosts” and of course we expect to hear plenty of Rotterdam-based insight from Frank.  Are there some specific producers you’d enjoy hearing as guests?  Please let us know!

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