Last Night’s Empty Bottles

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Impressive Blauburgunder!

Colterenzio 2017 Pinot Nero

This stuff is drinking ridiculously well. People were really impressed (if they were able to pay attention long enough to think about what they were doing). Elegant and silky, with the right amount of stuffing, yet not overdone and oaky. Plenty of savory minerality here. It reminds me of the off the hook Thulon Chiroubles I was sipping the other night. If you were too busy to grab some of that stuff before it sold out, maybe next time.

This is the third of our 2017’s from Alto Adige that I have tried. The other two, Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten and Lagrein, were both amaze-balls. Yeah, I said amaze-balls. I would be willing to bet that the Lagrein from Colterenzio is going to be a wiener as well. 

Notre Dame des Pallieres 2015 Gigondas “Les Mourres”

We are welcoming the change back to the old-school label

Here it is, Bamm. This bad boy you already know about, or should, especially since I just sent a “get yours now” sales sheet to you earlier.

Again this wine, as I’m sure you probably all already know, is insanely good. It lives on day two very well. At 15.5 booze, it doesn’t come off hot. It is dangerous though. The medium weight and freshness allows this puppy to be sloshed way too easy.

In the words of one of my buyers today, “that stuff is stupid good.”  We are also into the higher tier “Bois des Mourres,” but this one packs so much spice and garrigue….

With a 92 from WA this wine is eminently stackable. So it would be a $25/bottle stack.  Eeww, my buyers won’t stack stuff over 12 bucks. Whatever. They will and it will sell.  Moutard stacks. Henriot stacks. Crous St Martin stacks…oh, it will when it comes back in stock. And when it does, stack it up. But now I’m off track.  Definitely glass pour-able too at this price.

Turkey Wine – Just buy it!

Christophe Lapierre 2017 Beaujolais Blanc

Yeah, the new vintage of Christophe Lapierre’s Beaujolais Blanc is super delish. It has the ripeness you would expect, but also it has bright juicy acidity that made it seem like it came from a little further north. Really nice mouthfeel. Under $20 retail?  Are you out of your mind?  There’ s about 21 cases. More coming? Not sure. There’s not a lot of this guy’s wine to begin with. The next mission, which you should decide to accept, would be the Chenas and Moulin-a-Vent from Christophe. We’re pretty much into ’17 Chenas and have about 20 cases of ’16.