Barbadillo Oloroso Criadera Selection

Barbadillo Oloroso Criadera Selection


  • Due to the slow oxidation during the long aging process, this wine has a full, round, spicy, character that harmonizes perfectly.
  • La Compañía is named after the Jesuit convent built on this site in 1630. The aging cellar stands within the ‘new’ church completed in 1717, just 50 years before Carlos III expelled the Jesuits from all Spanish territories. Barbadillo purchased the church at public auction in 1942 and has used it for oxidative aging since then.
  • The Barbadillo family is committed to managing the complete winemaking process, from vineyard to bottle.
  • This wine is grown, processed and developed in D.O. Jerez-Xérez-Sherry.

Varietal Composition: 100% Palomino Fina

Elaboration: Oxidative aging in American oak. Criaderas and Solera at the beginning, after this, a long static aging in the final phase.

Tasting Notes: Deep mahogany in color this Oloroso is ‘En Rama’ (unfiltered) with a full nutty aroma and hints of spices and caramel. Smooth deep flavor with a long warm walnut finish.




Founded in 1821, Barbadillo is without question Sanlucar de Barrameda’s most iconic producer of Sherry.  The thing we appreciate most about Barbadillo is that they’ve remained staunchly committed to tradition in the face of continued growth – Base wines are all still fermented in house through the company’s network of sixteen historic bodegas and the variety and depth of their soleras is breathtaking.  With the Sherry category seeing more excitement than ever before in history, Barbadillo is delivering big time, with a panoply of single vineyard and heirloom releases. From their groundbreaking ‘Solear’ Manzanilla to their almost impossible to procure ‘Reliquia’ series and everything in between, tasting through the Barbadillo lineup is an inspirational and energizing experience.

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