Carlos Basso

Bodega Amalia

Originally from Genoa, Italy, the Basso Family has been producing wine in Argentina since 1922. In 1935, after owning another winery, Adolfo Basso and his brother Tulio purchased the Santa Ana Winery, eventually turning it into one of Argentina’s largest bodegas.

In 1996, seeking to simplify their lives with small-production winemaking, the family sold the winery and used the profits to purchase and remodel a small winery in Carrodilla, Mendoza. Here, Bodega Amalia was born. Carlos Basso and his son Adolfo manage the day-to-day operation. Of their three labels, Carlos Basso Signature is their premium line, offering small quantities of high-quality wine, which is among the best in Argentina.

Carlos says, “The birth of a quality wine starts with the right choice of the vine and the location where it grows.” The region’s climate includes cold, dry winters, which allow the grapes a period of rest essential for balance within the fruit. Bright and sunny summers with a daily cycle of cold and heat encourage
the ripening process. The neutral soil is watered by underground springs fed by snowmelt for superior irrigation.

“It is only when the elements of nature are properly combined and the winemaker contributes his craftsmanship,” says Carlos, “ that the wines typical of a given region are obtained.”


Carlos Basso Dos Fincas Malbec

Carlos Basso Dos Fincas Malbec

Carlos Basso Dos Fincas Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec

Carlos Basso Dos Fincas Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec