Bodegas Sierra Norte

Bodegas Sierra Norte (Ananto)

The history of Sierre Norte begins back in 1914, when two brothers (the grandfathers of the current owners) planted Bobal vineyards near the village of Camporrobles. At the time, this area was covered with fields planted with cereals. Locals thought they were crazy. Through the years, more and more vineyards were planted and new markets began to opened up. Up until the mid-90’s, most of the grapes grown here were sold off to wineries. The next generation decided at this time to build a winery and produce their own wine. Construction on the new winery began in 2000, the same year all of their vineyards were officially certified organic. Both their cellar and vineyards are certified organic. The butterfly labels are a “nod” to the time leading up to the release of their first vintage, when everyone had butterflies in their stomachs.


Bodegas Sierra Norte Macabeo "Ananto"

Ananto Macabeo

Ananto Macabeo 3L Bag-in-Box

Ananto Macabeo 3L Bag-in-Box

Bodegas Sierra Norte Rosado "Ananto"

Ananto Rosado

Ananto Rosado Bag-in-Box

Ananto Rosado 3L Bag-in-Box

Bodegas Sierra Norte Bobal/Tempranillo "Ananto"

Ananto Bobal/Tempranillo

Ananto Bobal/Tempranillo Bag-in-Box

Ananto Bobal/Tempranillo 3L Bag-in-Box