Bow & Arrow Melon

Bow & Arrow Melon


Better known as Muscadet, this is the grape responsible for the classic French wine famous for its versatility with all things Ocean born. Sourced from multiple vineyards  and aged in vat for 6 – 8 months our version treads the same ground as the wines that inspired it. Briney, crystalline, and quenching this wine is made for summer feasts as well as winter seafood sessions.

Varietal Composition: 100% Muscadet

Elaboration: Aged in vat for 6 – 8 months

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Portland Oregon’s Bow & Arrow Winery is owned by New York transplant Scott Frank. He moved west after 9/11 when he watched the tragedy from the 47th floor of a Manhattan skyscraper. His wife, Dana, owns Dame, a popular wine bar in Portland.

With no job and no previous winery experience, Frank bluffed his way into a job at the wine department of New Seasons Market where he realized that good wine didn’t have to come at a high price. He began to envision a future in wine when working harvest at the influential Cameron estate winery in Dundee, eventually becoming assistant winemaker.

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PRINT Rated SHELF TALKER (2021-90 Decanter)