By Jeff Carrel, the bouquet on this is phenomenal

by Jeff Carrel

Jeff Carrel develops an original range of wines, with original labels and affordable prices: simple wines but not simplistic. Each wine has its own universe and its own story to tell. Making wines with a strong identity, with societal and environmental values, technical precision and personality, all the way from the vines to the bottle.

Grenache and Carignan, the two most important varietals in the wines by Jeff Carrel, have long been cultivated in Southern France and represent the “forefathers” of the Languedoc Appellation’s red wines. An homage showcasing these varietals, this wine was subsequently labeled “Les Darons”, the affectionate expression for “The Parents” in the Parisian suburbs where winemaker Jeff Carrel was born.


Jeff Carrel Villa des Anges Rosé

by Jeff Carrel Villa des Anges Rosé

by Jeff Carrel "Les Darons" Languedoc

by Jeff Carrel “Les Darons” Languedoc