Champaign Moutard Climat les Perrieres

Champagne Moutard Climat “Les Perrieres”


  • The vineyard is 32 years old and is called “Les Perrières,” located in village of Buxeuil.
  • The grapes are grown on clay-limestone soils of the Kimmeridgian bank in Côte des Bar, southwest exposure.
  • These grapes are hand-harvested. The vineyard is sustainably cultivated.

Varietal Composition: 100% Pinot Noir

Elaboration: The guyot vine training system is used. Pruning takes place in Spring and plowing in Winter. De-suckering occurs during the Summer. Gentle pressing using a pneumatic press Temperature controlled stainless steel vats with cool settling at 7°C. The first fermentation is in Oak Barrel (Lightning). Specifically, oak from Burgundy. The second fermentation on lees with cork plugging and stages during 4 years. No Dosage after disgorgement.

Tasting Notes:  Pinot Noir provides the wine perfect maturity. A finely mineral Champagne, woody, spicy and greedy. The finish is long and intense. A Champagne of gastronomy.


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In 1958, Lucien Moutard married into a family whose ancestors first cultivated vines on the Buxeuil hillsides in 1642. Buxeuil is a village 200 km southeast of Paris in the Côte-des-Bar region. Lucien had inherited the art of cultivating the local land from his father, Paul, and passed it on to his children: Agnès, Véronique, and François.

The family patriarch instilled a sense of family in his children. “Working as a family was very important to him. He would be happy to see the family’s success,” says his son, François. Today, François, Agnès, and Véronique carry on the family business along with another generation. The entire family is well-versed in every step of the winemaking process from vine to customer.