Cuilleron Saint Joseph Le Serines

Cuilleron Saint Joseph Les Serines


  • Dark fruity aromas with spicy licorice notes.
  • The wine has old vine depth.
  • Organic, Eco-friendly farming. No insecticides are used.

Varietal Composition: 100% Syrah

Elaboration: A cuvée reflecting the terroir and tradition. A selection of old vines from mass selection of the Serine grape variety, the original strain and the local name of Syrah. The vines were planted in high density (8,000-10,000 vines per ha), in granite, shallow soil.

The vines go throuh limited treatment, depending on the weather. The syrah is organically grown and no insecticide or fertilizers are used to preserve biodiversity.  Control of vigor and yields, leaf stripping, green harvest for better grape maturation. Disbudding in spring.

The harvest is picked manually using traditional vinification. The least possible use of oenological products (indigenous yeasts) are used. In the cellar, the grapes are sorted, crushed and partially destemmed. Then they go through 3 weeks of maceration in open vats. It is matured 18 months in barrels and the plots are blended before the wine is bottled.

Saint Joseph Les Serines is to be enjoyed young with fruity aromas (3 to 4 years) or evolving aromas (15 years and over).

Tasting Notes: Saint Joseph Les Serines has an intense complex nose of dark fruit enhanced by spice and liquorice. Clean attack, then evolving into something rich, dense and rounded on the palate. Long, mineral finish. Silky, fine-grained tannins.




Cuilleron Estates is a producer in the northern Rhône. The estate has been in the Cuilleron family for three generations, but it is the estate’s current owner and winemaker, Yves Cuilleron, who has expanded the size, scope, and scale of the vineyard, land holdings, and winery.

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