DFJ Vinhos Vega Douro

DFJ Vinhos Vega Douro


  • Named after the star, Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. Vega had a great significance during the period of the Portuguese discoveries as it was one of the coordinates that allowed the navigators to calculate the course during the night.

Varietal Composition: Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Nacional.

Elaboration: Classic fermentation method, involving selective enzymes, which are compatible with the active dry yeasts. Fermentation temperatures up to 86º F in the first 2/3, and lowering down to 68º F during the last 1/3. During the whole fermentation process, pumping over 2 times per day, using each time half of the volume contained in the vat. After the alcoholic fermentation, the cap is plunged for 30 days, and during that period, extraction of the gentle tannins is conducted, along with the malolactic fermentation and the natural stabilization of the wine. The wine is aged in new French (Allier) oak barrels of 225 Lt, for 3 months. Ageing in bottle a minimum of 3 months after bottling.

Tasting Notes: Bright ruby color, aromatic, very rich and full body, structured but smooth. Voluptuous, full mouth with a long, intense, persistent and elegant finish.




José Neiva Correia followed in his family’s traditions not only out of preference but also with thorough professionalism. Those who know and work with him make regular mention of his creativity and the enthusiasm that goes into each of his many and sharply differing wines with their blend of improbable grape varieties and surprising results. As a winemaker, he has played a pioneering role both in the introduction of new varieties in Portugal and in promoting healthy agricultural practices. Furthermore, he has contributed towards solutions found for the major problems facing the wine sector such as the appropriate sealing of wine bottle corks. Rigorous and keen on investigation, he has developed and patented a method for disinfecting the corks using ozone and helped in reducing the level of undesirable TCA. As the sixth of eight children, José Neiva Correia still remains owner, in partnership with his brothers and sisters, of Rui Abreu Correia, Herdeiros, one of the largest agricultural holdings in Estremadura that tends, among other crops, 200 hectares of vineyards located across the councils of Alenquer and Torres Vedras.

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