Domaine FL

Domaine FL

Domaine Fournier Longchamps is a family estate based in Rochefort sur Loire in Maine-et-Loire. It lies near the river Loire, 15 km southwest of Angers. The estate’s vineyards cross the boundaries of several highly respected appellations, including Loire and Savennières, best known for its highly rated white wine.

Philip Fournier Longchamps established Domaine FL by purchasing two estates in 2006 and 2007. The estate covers 43 hectares of vines  spread throughout the Loire wine region on both sides of the river. It is a preserved landscape, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Grapes have been grown here since the 12th century.

Born and raised in Anjou, Philip and his son, Julien, set out to make Savennières that could age for decades, inspired by old vintages in the cellar of Philip’s father. Savennières are crafted from Chenin Blanc grapes.

Father and son are committed to preserving the environment and respecting the principles of biodiversity. The vineyards of Domaine FL have been certified organic since 2009. The harvest is carried out manually with meticulous selection of the highest quality grapes. No malolactic fermentation is carried out on the white wines to allow a richness of expression, complexity, aroma, and potential for aging.


Domaine FL Savennières La Croix Picot

Domaine FL Savennières “La Croix Picot”

Domaine FL Savennières La Roche aux Moines

Domaine FL Savennières “La Roche aux Moines”

Domaine FL Savennières Frémine

Domaine FL Savennières “La Frémine”

Domaine FL Savennières Chamboureau

Domaine FL Savennières “Chamboureau”

Domaine FL Savennières Le Parc

Domaine FL Savennières “Le Parc”

Domaine FL J'Adore Petillant Rose

Domaine FL J’Adore Petillant Rose