Domaine Johanna Cecillon Nantosuelta

Domaine Johanna Cécillon Cider Nantosuelta


  • Domaine Johanna Cécillon uses no pesticides or insecticides in processing their cider, as they are committed to organic production.
  • This cider has natural bubble formations – no sulfur or carbonation is added.

Varietal Composition: Hard Cider

Elaboration: The Terroir of the two orchards that produce this cider is ranitic soil and shallow loam. One of the orchards produces sweet and bittersweet apples, lying on a ridge with a soil which consists of a thin layer of humus and granite underneath. The other orchard is located at the foot of the hills in deeper soil with a medium grade, south-facing slope. The orchards are denser and smaller with grassy strips bordered by oak trees, which promotes diversity. The apples are manually harvested from October to December. The fruits were stored in bags under shelter for better ripeness. The fermentation takes place in tanks, and is then blended with natural yeasts in oak barrels. The cider is bottled in late May and then a second fermentation occurs in the bottles. Wild yeasts are necessary to make the natural foam, it can make some turbidity (cloudiness).

Tasting Notes: This is a semi-dry cider. It has a rich amber color with fine bubbles, and a complex nose of white flowers. The harmonious palate displays elegant aromas of candied fruit, vanilla, and caramel.




The nine distinct orchards yield apples that vary from sweet, bitter-sweet, bitter, and sour. Soils range from Granitic with shallow loam to rich, deep loam. Depending on the variety, the apples are harvested by hand from September through December and stored in bags under shelter for better ripeness. In compliance with its organic certification, Domaine Johanna Cécillon uses no pesticides or insecticides.

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