Domaine Johanna Cecillon Poiré Belenos

Domaine Johanna Cécillon Cider Poiré Belenos


  • Domaine Johanna Cécillon uses no pesticides or insecticides in processing their cider, as they are committed to organic production.
  • This cider has natural bubble formations – no sulfur or carbonation is added.

Varietal Composition: Hard Cider

Elaboration: The apples are harvested by hand then are stored in large wooden racks in the cellars to reach a perfect ripening point as traditionally made. Once ready, apples are crushed and pressed with an open pneumatic press allowing a managed oxidation of the apples. The cider making process is carried by terroir unit allowing Johanna and Louis to have a deeper understanding of their terroirs and orchards vintage after vintage.

The cider making process is fully natural, fermentation is carried with indigenous yeasts only, no sulfur is added neither any other input. Thanks to a severe sorting within the vineyard (10% of the apples are sorted out) and a secondary sorting on a table before crushing the apples allows them to avoid any deviance in the ciders.

Tasting Notes: The nose is lifted, fresh and pure. Vinous elements blend with early spring blossom, bergamot, lemon pith and white tea. On the palate this poiré is all about precision. Racy linear acidity and the attractive presence of chalky tannins evoke memories of the Loire Valley. Elusive and minimal yet everything is perfectly in place.




The nine distinct orchards yield apples that vary from sweet, bitter-sweet, bitter, and sour. Soils range from Granitic with shallow loam to rich, deep loam. Depending on the variety, the apples are harvested by hand from September through December and stored in bags under shelter for better ripeness. In compliance with its organic certification, Domaine Johanna Cécillon uses no pesticides or insecticides.

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