Domaine Montmartel

Family run estate, managed by the young and talented Damien Marres.  In 2002 when Damien was 23 years old, he settled on one of the oldest properties of Visan, a domain that extends to Saint-Maurice and Valréas. It was his great-grandfather, Raoul Couston, who founded this vineyard in 1919 after the war. For decades, the great-grandfather has vinified his own grapes and harvests purchased from local winegrowers, identifying the beautiful plots that he bought to be a qualitative and coherent area. The Visan area of ​​Montmartel covers 30 hectares in one piece, between vineyards and woods facing south. The land of hillsides, clay and limestone covered with rolled pebbles, and the vineyard dated a quarter century ago have been worked in sustainable agriculture since 2004, with organic certification since the 2010 vintage


Domaine Montmartel CDR Blanc

Domaine Montmartel Côtes du Rhône Blanc

Domaine Montmartel CDR Rouge

Domaine Montmartel Côtes du Rhône Rouge

Domaine Montmartel CDR Visan

Domaine Montmartel Côtes Du Rhône Villages Visan