Edoardo Miroglio Bio Mavrud

Edoardo Miroglio “Bio” Mavrud


  • Edoardo Miroglio Bio is an organic wine.
  • The winery is surrounded by vineyards spreading on rolling hills, a lake and green lawns.
  • The physical and chemical composition of the soil, the soil layers, the microclimate that is created between the hilly area located more than 400 meters above the sea level on Saint Ilia hill, provide great conditions for the production of quality wines.

Varietal Composition: Mavrud and Rubin

Elaboration: Edoardo Miroglio Bio is aged 6 months in French oak (33 hl capacity) and Bulgarian oak barrels (500 l).

Tasting Notes:  Intense and vivid ruby color. Complex and fresh fruity nose with red fruit nuances: blackcurrant, cherry and blackberry, elegantly balanced with the oak. Distinctive typical aromas of the indigenous grape varieties. The taste is elegant and well balanced. Rich fruity flavour, well balanced acidity and tannins.




In 2002, Edoardo Miroglio, an Italian textile and wine producer from the Piedmont region, discovered the Thracian region of Bulgaria and its perfect soil and climate for producing quality wines. The winery is located in Elenovo, a village in the northeastern province of Targovishte.

Grape-growing and wine-making have been a tradition in the region since ancient Thracian times, dating back an incredible 3,000 to 5,000 years ago. Combing this superb terroir with Italian winemaking know-how in viticulture and viniculture, the estate produced its first wine in October 2005. The process is managed by a team of Italian and Bulgarian oenologists led by the world’s famous winemaker Marco Monchiero.