Ego Bodegas Marionette Jumilla

Ego Bodegas Marionette Jumilla


The short duration this wine spends in oak lets the dark fruit aromas, typical of the Monastrell grape, really come through in each sip.

Vegan certified.

Varietal Composition: Monastrell & Syrah

Elaboration: The harvest was both manual and mechanical. The fermentation and the maceration, depending on the variety, was made in contact with the skin in stainless steel tanks for 15-25 days. Throughout the entire process the temperature doesn’t exceed 24/26ºC. The wine is aged in american oak barrels for 2 – 3 months.

Tasting Notes: A beautiful cherry-red color. Clean aroma, intense potent fruit with fine toasted notes. Smooth in mouth with an elegant entry, vivid and fruity, with mature and delicious tannins.


2020 – 90 Wine Enthusiast


Santos Ortiz, of Spanish origin, and Ioana Paunescu from Romania, started from scratch in 2011, “con palicos y canicas” as they say in the region. This means that they were short of financial resources, but had an extraordinary talent for creating wines and coordinating financial, marketing and sales department. “We launched a Project doing the opposite to what the books tell you or what you see in the industry.”

Aſter almost 6 months looking for a place to set up, they fell in love with a spectacular farm in an area known as the carpenter’s place, an elevated area of bunkers which had everything they wanted – it was high up so they could enjoy the beauty of the landscape and surrounded by their vineyards (Monastrell), which are well cared for and older than their combined ages.Located just a few kilometers away from the historical city of Jumilla, the winery has 35 hectares of vineyard, housing mostly native varieties like Monastrell.

Since the beginning, Ego Bodegas has taken a contemporary twist on wine-making  and combined traditional methods with modern techniques. Their grapes are fermented separately in steel tanks, with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 kilograms.

Each bottle of wine from Ego bodegas carries the principles on which the winery was founded upon: Ego, Talento, and Infinito.

Ego: The concept of I. Talento: The ability to perform and carry out a task. Infinito: The power to dream without borders.

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