Finca Bacara - Santos & Iona, Founders

Finca Bacara

Finca Bacara is a winery built in the ancient arid vineyards of Jumilla in the southeast of Spain. The vines survive extreme drought and searing temperatures. The labels are striking, telling a story of creativity and are very linked to the land and they are committed to conveying the intensity of the Monastrell grape while assuring the minimum impact on the natural environment.The Finca Bacara vineyards are certified Organic. The D.O.P. Jumilla is located in the southeast of Spain, characterized by its huge plains area and valleys. The climate of the region is sunny and arid, with little rain. Soils in the area are very chalky, and generally have a great water capacity and a medium permeability, allowing the vineyards, which are situated at 2900 ft above sea level, to survive in prolonged drought conditions.


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