Hiruzta Txakolina Brut Nature

Hiruzta Txakolina Brut Nature


  • Estate grown from Hiruzta’s own 14 ha vineyard located in Getariako Txakolina, at the foothills of Mount Jaizkibel.
  • Produced in the “méthode traditionnelle” style.

Varietal Composition: 100% Hondarrabi Zuri

Elaboration: this sparkling wine is produced using the traditional “méthode traditionnelle”. Second fermentation takes place at a low temperature for a long period followed by aging on lees in bottles for 14 months, subsequently placed on racks for riddling. These are also disgorged artisanally. No liqueur d’expédition is used due to the fact that this is a natural sparkling wine with no sugar added during disgorging.

Tasting Notes: Clean and bright. Pale yellow color with greenish glints against the light. Release of fine bubbles and presence of abundant tiny rosaries with great persistence. Exquisite creamy sustained foam crown and islets covering a large part of the wine surface. Intense white-fruit aromas (pear and apple) reach the nose, with underlying fennel and slight creamy, pastry hints, all highlighted by the effervescence of the natural carbonic gas. It is highly balanced and fresh in the mouth, with a pleasant, sharp taste due to the carbonic gas and well-integrated acidity. Creamily pleasant to the palette with much body and structure, with fruit compote notes in the aftertaste. Long, aromatic finish.


2016 – 91 Vinous


The name Hiruzta means “a three-person harvest” in Basque, referring to winery owners Asensio Rekalde and his sons Txarli and Angel, whose shared dream of creating a winery in Hondarribia is now a reality.  Txakoli production in this village dates back to 1186, however the tradition was lost during a long stretch of sieges and battles that took place there in the early 1600’s.   Through years of work the Rekalde family has recovered and revitalized Hondarribia’s viticultural heritage, with nine vineyard plots that sit in the Jaizkibel foothills that surround the winery.

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