Hiruzta Txakolina Rosé

Hiruzta Txakolina Rosé


  • Here we have a fresh, contemporary-style rosé Txakoli made from the Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltz grapes!
  • Quantities on this are always limited – If you see it, load up!

Varietal Composition: 60% Hondarrabi Beltza 40% Hondarrabi Zuri

Elaboration: Grapes selected for harvesting at the winery’s Hondarrabi Beltza and Hondarribia Zuri vineyards, picked and transported in small crates. Destemming and crushing. Maceration in tank for 4 to 6 hours at a temperature of 46º to 50º F, followed by straining or bleeding (saignée) of the pink must. This pink must was subsequently mixed with the Hondarrabi Zuri white must. Once free from impurities the musts were fermented at a controlled temperature of between 61 and 64º C. Gentle clarification and stabilization.

Tasting Notes: Redcurrant-pink color with rich aromas of red and black fruits, such as strawberries, blackberries and black currants, over a citrus background and fine vegetable notes. Very fresh in the mouth with a balanced acidity accentuated by a hint of carbonic gas, offering a pleasing palate and a long, aromatic finish


2017 – 91 Vinous

2018 – 90 Vinous


The name Hiruzta means “a three-person harvest” in Basque, referring to winery owners Asensio Rekalde and his sons Txarli and Angel, whose shared dream of creating a winery in Hondarribia is now a reality.  Txakoli production in this village dates back to 1186, however the tradition was lost during a long stretch of sieges and battles that took place there in the early 1600’s.   Through years of work the Rekalde family has recovered and revitalized Hondarribia’s viticultural heritage, with nine vineyard plots that sit in the Jaizkibel foothills that surround the winery.

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PRINT rated SHELF TALKER (2018 – 90 Vinous)