Jean Laurent

Champagne Jean Laurent

The land surrounding Aube, France has been used as a vineyard for over 2,000 years, with Champagne first produced here in 1850. As one of the oldest winemakers in the region, three generations of Laurent have produced quality Champagne in harmony with the terroir and the traditional methods.

Jean Laurent grapes are estate grown on more than 16 hectares, including the most noble Champagne varieties, pinot noir, chardonnay, and pinot blanc, from which they craft unique Brut Blancs de Blancs and Blancs de Noirs.

The winery practices organic, sustainable agriculture, limiting treatments, respectful of the environment and biodiversity. No glyphosate or pesticides are used. In 2019, the winery was certified HVE (Haute Valeur Environnementale – High Environmental Value) Level 3. They collect rainwater to treat grapes and practice energy efficiency using solar panels.

In the vineyard, they use empirical, observation-based methods. To vinify, they use classic methods such as alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. They say, “We prefer patience over heating-and-cooling technologies and allow the necessary time for our wines to fully develop.”

The winemakers of Jean Laurent are proud to celebrate their ancestral knowledge and practices by producing a Champagne that is mature, long on the palate, and having strong vinosity. They age their vintage Champagnes in the cellar for up to a particularly long ten years.


Jean Laurent Blanc De Noirs Brut

Blanc De Noirs Brut

Jean Laurent Blanc De Blancs Reserve

Blanc De Blancs Reserve