Michele Moschioni

Moschioni Winery

“In 1989, I chose to go against the tide, that is to make only red wines in a territory of great whites.” Michele Moschioni’s decision to follow his passion has made him an international icon. He has been called “the best Italian red wine maker.”

“The land on which the vines grow is of fundamental importance to the result I want to achieve. No herbicide or desiccant, only organic fertilizers: the environmental impact is minimal. Stripping, thinning, harvesting and pruning are strictly manual.”

Also involved in the business are daughters Sabrina and Alessia and son Valentino who says, “There is a DNA that bonds us together. This DNA is like this shared dream that drives us to give, each one dedicated to a task: one to the land, one to the cellar and one to the management. But each day there is a constant search to bring out the best from this land that gives us so much.”


Moschioni Rosso Celtico Colli Orientali

Moschioni Rosso Celtico Colli Orientali

Moschioni Real Rosso Colli Orientali

Moschioni ‘Real’ Rosso Colli Orientali

Moschioni schioppettino

Moschioni Schioppettino Colli Orientali

Moschioni Pignolo Colli Orientali