Notre Dame des Pallieres Lirac

Notre Dame des Pallières Lirac “Les Pellegrin”


  • One of the 13 “Crus” of the Rhone Valley, Lirac sits across the river from Chateauneuf-du-Pape, has similar soil and exposure, and thoughtfully produced wines from this region are amongst the Rhone Valley’s best values
  • The Roux family holds 13 hectacres of land in Lirac, on an old vine site they call “Les Pellegrin.”
  • Vines are 70 years old, pruned in the goblet style, with sandy subsoil and a luxuriously thick topping of “galets,” the large stones that one expects in Lirac

Varietal Composition: 80% Grenache, 20% Syrah

Elaboration: Hand picked grapes, 3/4 of which are destemmed, natural cold maceration with native yeast, elevage in concrete tank

Tasting Notes: The palate brings us a deep powerful and complex taste of kirsch type red fruit, followed by mullberry and spices with hints of eucalyptus and thyme and a silky tannin finish.  Beautiful round and transparent wine with a great complexity.


2016 – 91 Wine Enthusiast | 92 Wine Advocate

2018 – 90 Wine Enthusiast


Domaine Notre Dame des Pallières is a very old family estate, whose name comes from a place of pilgrimage visited by the Provençal people in the middle ages who believed that the fountain on the property would protect them from the plague.

Claude Roux and his cousin Jean-Pierre have so many generations of Gigondas wine making experience in their family that they don’t know exactly how many of their relatives have been involved up to now – Antique writings suggest that this Domain existed in the 900’s.  Fortunately this tradition is continuing with Claude’s children, Isabelle and Julien, gradually taking over the day to day responsibilities of farming, production, and administration.

Vineyard holdings total 74 acres in Gigondas, Sablet, and Cotes du Rhone.

When asked about their methods they smile and explain that they are simply following the traditional methods of the family members that came before them.