Atlas Wine Co.


Omen, produced by Atlas Wine Co. — a new-generation farming company started in 2015 — has a management team with more than 100 years of combined expertise developing and farming world-class vineyards and providing high-quality grapes. The family-owned farming company (founded by Mike Cybulski and Barry Bellifarms), manages and owns over 3,000+ acres of vineyards from Colombia Gorge, WA to Willamette Valley, OR to the Central Coast, with a majority of the vineyards in Napa and Sonoma counties.

The Cybulski and Belli families began making small batch wines early on to share with their friends, employees and as-a-way to showcase their team members in the vineyards.  Later winemaker & partner, Alexandre Remy,  joined the team and together they blended a love of vineyards and wine.

As experts from vineyard to bottle, it is their mission to bring excellent value wines from the highest quality grapevines that consistently exceeds expectations.  This winning combination of unlimited access to amazing fruit from hidden AVA gems and a talented and passionate new generation winemaking team has resulted in consistent year-after-year award winning wines.


Atlas Wine Co. Omen Cabernet Sauvignon

Omen Cabernet Sauvignon

Omen Red Blend

Omen Red Blend

Omen Origins Zinfandel

Omen Origins Zinfandel