O+T (or in long form the Confrerie de Vignerons d’ Oisly et Thesée) has long played a leading role in the Loire winegrowing area of Touraine.  In the sixties, with the aim being to make better and fresher wines, O+T was the first French cooperative to install stainless steel tanks in the cellar.  Over time the company has continued to push the envelope on expectations of quality out of this area, and their flagship Sauvignon Blanc bottling has long been one of our best-selling wines.

The vineyards that belong to the 60 “vignerons” that are a member of the O+T brotherhood are all situated east of the city Tours, in the vicinity of the villages Oisly and Thesée.

Grape varieties are predominantly Sauvignon Blanc and Gamay, with Cot (Malbec), Pineau (Chenin Blanc) and Pinot Noir as secondary varieties.  The members of the Confrerie are oriented towards quality instead of quantity – Intense leaf plucking and aggressive green harvesting are the norm, and you won’t find use of chemical inputs here!


O & T Touraine Sauvignon Blanc Les Gourmets

O+T Touraine Sauvignon Blanc