Robertson Winery

Robertson Winery

The town of Robertson is located in South Africa’s Western Cape Province, a region called the valley of wine and roses. The friendly, welcoming town was named for Dr. William Robertson, a Scottish minister.

Robertson is nestled in a valley of abundance, from the sun-drenched mountain vineyards growing select varietals to plentiful river valley vineyards heavy with fruit. The variety of mesoclimates and soil conditions create a spectrum of terroirs and a diversity of wine styles.

Once famous for ostrich farming, area farmers turned to wine and fruit farming after World War I. By 1941, the town’s original stone church was converted to winemaking, cellaring, and bottling, and the Robertson Winery was established. Today, more than 35 families represent the seventh generation of grape growers providing high-quality fruit to the winery.

At Robertson Winery, winemaking is a hands-on natural process, a collaborative relationship between the soil, water, elements, farmers, winemakers, and many others that creates award-winning wine. The best grapes are picked at the right time, pressed, fermented, and blended resulting in award-winning wines you can’t help but want to share.


Robertson Winery Sweet Red

Robertson Winery Natural Sweet Red

Robertson Winery Sweet Rose 3

Robertson Winery Natural Sweet Rosé

Robertson Winery Sweet White

Robertson Winery Natural Sweet White