The Alessandria family has been farming this Serralunga property since 1956.  

The estate and surrounding area were formerly part of the Opera Pia Barolo (a castle that is similar to Burgundy’s Hospice du Beaune – Part educational institution and part hospital), whose vineyards were worked by sharecroppers.  The local dialect for sharecropper is “schiavenza,” hence the origin on the estate name.

A name like Schiavenza should give one a clue as to the style here; this is no modern “barrique” aged Barolo estate – Wines here are fermented with native yeast in cement cisterns and then aged in traditional Slovenian botti. Vineyard holdings have expanded over time, and the estate is made up of 8 hectares split between Serralunga and Monforte.  These include the heralded crus Prapò, Bricco Cerretta, and Broglio. No pesticides or herbicides are used, and all field work is coordinated with the cycles of the moon.


Schiavenza Dolcetto D'Alba

Schiavenza Dolcetto D’Alba

Schiavenza Barbera d'Alba

Schiavenza Barbera d’Alba

Schiavenza Langhe Nebbiolo

Schiavenza Langhe Nebbiolo

Schiavenza Serralunga d'Alba

Schiavenza Barolo “Serralunga d’Alba”

Schiavenza Broglio Barolo

Schiavenza Barolo “Broglio”

Schiavenza Cerretta Barolo

Schiavenza Barolo “Cerretta”

Schiavenza Prapo Barolo

Schiavenza Barolo “Prapò”