Schloss Koblenz_Josef Drathen

Schloss Koblenz

Weinhaus Schloss Koblenz, which produces a variety of German and Hungarian wines, is a subsidiary of the Josef Drathen winery in the Zell/Moselle Region of Germany. The family originated in The Netherlands. The Peter Josef Drathen winery was founded in 1860 with its home in St. Aldegund and gained its current name in 1927.

Successive generations of the family have operated the winery and in 1993, a completely new winemaking facility was opened. In 1996, Tim Gesthüsen and Jürgen Zirwes assumed management of the company. Over the years, prudent business practices have led to a series of market expansions and acquisitions, including its subsidiary Schloss Koblenz.

Drathen markets an extensive assortment of German and international wines, sparkling wines and sparklers, mulled wine specialties, and wine cocktails worldwide.


Schloss Koblenz Blaufrankisch

Schloss Koblenz Blaufrankisch