Soleil NV Mimosa Pomegranate

Soleil Mimosa Pomegranate


  •  Pre-made, mess-free, bottled/canned mimosa.
  • A delicious and fresh cocktail that reminds us of fun summer days spent outside, dancing among the sprinklers while eating snow cones.

Varietal Composition: White wine grapes from the Lescombes Family owned vineyard, Fresh Fruit juices (no artificial ingredients)

Elaboration: The 220-acre Lescombes Family owned vineyard is located 47 miles west of Deming, New Mexico, at an elevation of 4,500 feet. The unique climate in this area consists of hot days and cool nights where the difference between day and night temperatures is often 30 degrees or more. This climate makes it possible to grow consistently high-quality wine grapes for consistently high-quality wine.

Tasting Notes: Soleil Mimosa Pomegranate strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart, with hints of honey and cranberry. Although a pleasure anytime of year, it makes a particularly delightful addition to festive fall dinner affairs.




The first region in the United States to actively cultivate grapes exclusively for winemaking wasn’t California. It was New Mexico. As the story goes, monks defied the Spanish king and smuggled the first wine grape vines into New Mexico in 1629. Fast forward to today, and the Lescombes family is again putting New Mexico on the winemaking map with their Soleil Winery.

Hervé and Danielle Lescombes built their first winery in Chablis in the Burgundy region of France in 1967. In 1981, the family moved to the American Southwest, and by 1984 they had bottled their first vintage. In their tasting room, along with wine, Danielle began pouring freshly made mimosas. Soleil produces full-bodied, French oak-aged reds, crisp aromatic whites, and exquisite sparkling wines from more than 30 varietals. Their approach is a blend of state-of-the-art technology and hand-crafting.