St. Christopher Glühwein

St. Christopher Glühwein


  •  The traditional hot spiced wine, perfect for your holiday gatherings and a great way to warm up on a cold winter night. St. Christopher Glühwein captures the holiday spirit in a bottle. 
  • St. Christopher Glühwein is a seasonal item which peaks nationally in the winter. St. Christopher Glühwein is the leading Glühwein in the United States, present through ski resorts, military bases and Christmas markets around the country. It is now also the official drink of the Denver Christkindl Market! 
  • The best way to enjoy is to serve warm (don’t boil), in a mug, and with friends.


The St. Christopher wines comprise of some of the most exciting, unique and highest quality wines being produced in Germany. St. Christopher offers highly rated Mosel wines like the Top 100 Piesporter Goldtropfchen Spatlese as well well as old German classics likes Zeller Schwarze Katz and Liebfraumilch. Today the wines range from Rheinhessen Gewurztraminer from to Holidays classics like, Glühwein. The St. Christopher project started in 1992 as a collaboration between Manfred Bauer and Gunther Schlink with the idea of sourcing the best Germany has to offer under one brand.

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