Tenuta Gaggino

Tenuta Gaggino

In 1924, Tommaso Gaggino began producing wine in the Ovadese district of northwestern Italy’s Piedmont region, south of Alessandria and about 35 miles north of Genoa. This area is part of the famed wine region of Alto Monferrato.

In 2016, Tommaso’s descendant Gabriele Gaggino and his wife, Tiziana Zago, began a business relationship with Silvia Montobbio and her family of ancient winemakers, who had been producing quality grapes since the early twentieth century. The result is Tenuta Gaggino, a collaboration based on experience and tradition and the pursuit of high-quality wine.

The estate’s vineyards cover two very most beautiful areas, Contrada Sant’Evasio, a historic and hilly area around Ovada, and in the village of Carpento, an excellent wine-growing area. Gabriele Gaggino meticulously selects the best grape and follows traditional winemaking techniques, aided by modern technology and in harmony with the environment.

Particular attention is then paid to the refinement and maturation phase of the wines, both in wooden containers (barriques and tonneaux) and in steel tanks.


Tenuta Gaggino Sedici_Rosé

Tenuta Gaggino Rosato