Tiare Vineyard

Tiare Vineyards

Tiare Vineyards extends over 10 hectares of vine-clad sloped that straddle two of the most interesting DOC areas of Friuli Venezia Guilia, the Collio and the Isonzo. It is in a unique position between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, which are just about 40 miles apart.

Roberto Snidarcig interprets the terrior of these two Doc areas (Collio, for its marly soils and a particular microclimate which is suitable for the production of white wines, and Isonzo, where the gravelly soils are ideal for red wine) and crafts wines with a distinctive character. The two influences make beautiful aromatic wines with driven minerality and salinity from grapes planted in ponca—Friuli’s unique combination of brittle fossil-laden marl and sandstone. These soils evoke texture and vibrancy in the glass, a pure liveliness preserved by aging in stainless steel tanks. Character is given by great sun exposure and the distinctive geological composition of the land on the one side, and by the meticulous vineyard management and winemaking on the other.

The climate conditions at Tiare Vineyards are characterized by quiet and important differences between minimum and maximum temperatures, when compared to other wine-growing areas of the region. The different origins of the soils and their traits contribute to distinguish the quality of Tiare wines. Their grape varieties grow in two types of soils, hilly soil composed of flysch (alternate layers of marl and sandstone) with a limited useful layer. Deep foothill soil is characterized by a finer grain. The different conditions of the soil affect the quantity of water needed and the levels of fertilization.


Tiare Collio Sauvignon

Tiare Collio Sauvignon