La Ginestra Vi Vini

Vi Vini

These Vi Vini wines are produced and brought to you through a collaboration between Fox Beverages and La Ginestra, In 1978, a group of people claimed some abandoned land in Tuscany. With the help of goats, they cleared the fields and planted grain, legumes, and vines. The farm is La Ginestra. The wine is Vi Vini.

Since 1989, they have practiced organic, biodynamic agriculture, producing vibrant, natural wines that are an expression of the terroir. Their approach is driven by passion, and respect, with little interference, as the grapes are transformed into wine. Their vineyards teem with life.

La Ginestra is a 100% worker-owned and managed Tuscan farm with over 130 hectares of land, producing honey, meat, olive oil, pasta from heritage grains, and wine. The shared goal of the team is to preserve and renew the traditions of the Italian countryside. Their vineyards are above 300 meters in elevation and the primary soil type is albarese; a compact mix of clay and limestone common throughout the area.

Winemaker and part owner Dario Nocci has a technical winemaking education and spent a number of years working in Australia. Upon returning home, he intended to make wine entirely by feel using his formal education in a passive manner, and with a complete understanding of the complex processes taking place.

In the cellar, fermentation and aging take place in stainless steel or amphora. The wine contains only naturally occurring sulfites and nothing is added or taken away at any point in the winemaking process.

La Ginestra’s wines can be light and joyous or a bit more serious with soaring aromatics. It is incredibly difficult to make wine of this quality without the use of sulfites, and the typical response of tasters is one of surprise due to the poise, presence, and structure of the wines.

La Ginestra continues to push into newer directions, as it is now mostly composed of a younger generation who live on and work the land together. Their wide range of wines both honor the Chianti and Riserva DOCG and also push into newer expressions with macerated whites and fresher, lighter reds.


Vi Vini Amphora

Vi Vini Amphora Sangiovese