Barbadillo Manzanilla Trinidad

Barbadillo Manzanilla en Rama “Nave Trinidad”


  • Manzanilla Nave Trinidad is truly something else. Nave Trinidad is a pleasant and fun introduction to the world of medium-aged powerful wines.
  • The Trinidad bodega is the one whose windows face the sea and is therefore open to the Sanlucar sea breeze that predominates in the town. This is the secret behind a good Manzanilla. It is this wind, with its humidity and equable temperature which allows a floating layer of yeast, ‘la flor’ to grow abundantly on the surface of the wine to create a Manzanilla.
  • The label is a creation of local artist Marco Oliva whose father Manolo worked in the same bodega. Bottled ‘En Rama’ (unfiltered) to retain all the subtle qualities of this Manzanilla.
  • If you are looking to take your maiden voyage into the world of biological ageing, this is the perfect place to start.

Varietal Composition: 100% Palomino Fina

Elaboration: Since then Barbadillo has continued to make Manzanilla from soleras that date back to the company’s foundation and in 2015 the family decided it was time to revive this brand with a Manzanilla that would have been very similar to the style so popular in the 19th century, a Manzanilla Pasada, and with minimal filtration, thus ‘En Rama’.

Tasting Notes: The Nave Trinidad Manzanilla represents all the best qualities that a youthful Manzanilla possesses: Tanginess, zest, vibrancy and also a reminder of its fresh white wine origins, with the fruit of the grape still apparent before the flor turns it in to the typical salty, mineral Manzanilla we would usually expect.


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Founded in 1821, Barbadillo is without question Sanlucar de Barrameda’s most iconic producer of Sherry.  The thing we appreciate most about Barbadillo is that they’ve remained staunchly committed to tradition in the face of continued growth – Base wines are all still fermented in house through the company’s network of sixteen historic bodegas and the variety and depth of their soleras is breathtaking.  With the Sherry category seeing more excitement than ever before in history, Barbadillo is delivering big time, with a panoply of single vineyard and heirloom releases. From their groundbreaking ‘Solear’ Manzanilla to their almost impossible to procure ‘Reliquia’ series and everything in between, tasting through the Barbadillo lineup is an inspirational and energizing experience.

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