Barbadillo Moscatel Sherry_Laura

Barbadillo Moscatel Sherry “Laura”


  • Made from 100% Moscatel grapes grown in the Barbadillo vineyards of Gibalbin and Santa Lucia.
  • The solera has a total of 31 butts: 2 criaderas and the solera.
  • The wine is at least 5 years old. Residual sugar content is about 170 grams per litre.

Varietal Composition: 100% Moscatel

Elaboration: Moscatel wine is produced from the grape of the same name in either fresh form or sun-dried form until it develops an intense raisining of the fruit. In the latter case pressing produces an extraordinary concentration of sugars and a certain level of coloration. Now with musts made from fresh or sunned grapes, the fermentation is stopped with the addition of wine alcohol. Ageing is carried out exclusively with air contact and causes progressive aromatic concentration and increasing complexity without losing the freshness and the typical fruity character of the grape. This wine is ideal for drinking on its own, and its structure allows opened bottles to be kept for months.

Tasting Notes: Light mahogany color with aromas of Muscat grapes, dried apricots, honey and dried fruit. The palate is unctuous and smooth. Lingering finish that reveals delicate traces of muscatel grapes. Intense aromas of dried flowers, grapes and figs, this sweet Sherry combines its fruit, roasted nut and smoke components nicely, picking up a smoked ham note on the finish.


90 Wine Spectator


Founded in 1821, Barbadillo is without question Sanlucar de Barrameda’s most iconic producer of Sherry.  The thing we appreciate most about Barbadillo is that they’ve remained staunchly committed to tradition in the face of continued growth – Base wines are all still fermented in house through the company’s network of sixteen historic bodegas and the variety and depth of their soleras is breathtaking.  With the Sherry category seeing more excitement than ever before in history, Barbadillo is delivering big time, with a panoply of single vineyard and heirloom releases. From their groundbreaking ‘Solear’ Manzanilla to their almost impossible to procure ‘Reliquia’ series and everything in between, tasting through the Barbadillo lineup is an inspirational and energizing experience.

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