Barbadillo Oloroso Dulce Amoroso "San Rafael"

Barbadillo Medium Oloroso “San Rafael”


  • A touch of Pedro Ximénez added to a dry oloroso results in this type of sherry known as “amoroso.” Translated into English as loving or affectionate, the name pays tribute to the smoothness obtained during the lengthy and traditional ageing period.
  • Its alcohol content and body mean that it can be served on the rocks.

Varietal Composition: Palomino Fina, Pedro Ximenez

Elaboration:  The product of the complete fermentation of palomino grape must, Olorosos are “vocational” wines whose special structures, apparent from the very beginning, indicate to the tasters that their destiny is that of oxidative aging. An initial fortification to 17% by volume prevents the development of the film of flor, and thus the wine slowly ages in constant contact with oxygen as it descends through the traditional criaderas and solera system. The gradual loss of water through the wooden walls of the cask facilitates a process of concentration which enables the wine to gain in structure, smoothness and complexity.

Tasting Notes: Mahogany in color with aromas of dried fruit, nuts, plums and raisins, against subtle background of noble oak. Silky and smooth on the palate with a long finish allowing a full appreciation of the elegant qualities of an old oloroso.


NV – 90 Wine Spectator


Founded in 1821, Barbadillo is without question Sanlucar de Barrameda’s most iconic producer of Sherry.  The thing we appreciate most about Barbadillo is that they’ve remained staunchly committed to tradition in the face of continued growth – Base wines are all still fermented in house through the company’s network of sixteen historic bodegas and the variety and depth of their soleras is breathtaking.  With the Sherry category seeing more excitement than ever before in history, Barbadillo is delivering big time, with a panoply of single vineyard and heirloom releases. From their groundbreaking ‘Solear’ Manzanilla to their almost impossible to procure ‘Reliquia’ series and everything in between, tasting through the Barbadillo lineup is an inspirational and energizing experience.