Barbadillo Vermouth Ataman

Barbadillo Vermouth Ataman


  • Barbadillo re-relaunched its ‘Ataman’ Vermouth, which was originally created in the 1940’s. It has been inspired by the vermouth and ‘tonic’ wines sold in the previous century.
  • Today no one at Barbadillo could tell you why this Cossack Generals name was chosen for a brand!
  • Barbadillo ceased to sell vermouth back in the 1960’s but that left a significant amount of vermouth to age undisturbed in their cellars, in old oak casks.
  • Today this amazing 50 year old vermouth is in excellent condition and ready to drink. Ataman vermouth is made mainly with Manzanillas from the historic Angioletti and El Toro wineries, both in the Barrio Alto Sanluqueño.

Varietal Composition: 100% Palomino Fina

Elaboration: Small batch (less than 1,500L) production Vermouth (AKA Vermut in the Sherry district!). Made using classic Andalusian aromatics like Orange peel from Seville. Also blended with a small portion of old Vemouth and Quinine wines which have been ageing in the Barbadillo cellars since the 1970s. In total 20 x different Aromatics are used are all sourced locally from Andalusia.

Tasting Notes: Loaded with Character! The 5 principal Aromatics are Seville Orange peel, Quassia bark, Absinth, Rosemary & Elderberry.




Founded in 1821, Barbadillo is without question Sanlucar de Barrameda’s most iconic producer of Sherry.  The thing we appreciate most about Barbadillo is that they’ve remained staunchly committed to tradition in the face of continued growth – Base wines are all still fermented in house through the company’s network of sixteen historic bodegas and the variety and depth of their soleras is breathtaking.  With the Sherry category seeing more excitement than ever before in history, Barbadillo is delivering big time, with a panoply of single vineyard and heirloom releases. From their groundbreaking ‘Solear’ Manzanilla to their almost impossible to procure ‘Reliquia’ series and everything in between, tasting through the Barbadillo lineup is an inspirational and energizing experience.

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