Bodegas Naia

Bodegas Naia

Bodegas Naia was established in 2002 along the southern bank of the Douro River in the Rueda Denominación de Origen (DO) growing region. The winery covers 40 hectares (about 96 acres) in the village of La Seca, approximately an hour northwest of Madrid.

The winery was founded by three men who are well-known in the world of Spanish wine, Javier Alen, Victor Rodriguez, and Eulogio Calleja. Their collaboration produces wines of character that are fresh and well structured.

La Seca is the birthplace of the Verdejo variety in Rueda. Verdejo grapes originated in North Africa and were brought to Rueda in the 11th Century. Originally, Verdejo was used to make a strongly oxidized Sherry-like wine. Now, it is often compared to Sauvignon Blanc but is actually in a category of its own. Its vines cover most of the area’s landscape.

The climate in the Rueda DO is very dry with a low average annual rainfall. There are long, cold winters with frequent frost and short, hot summers. Climate and soils combine to make this the perfect location for creating some of the finest white wines in the world.

Bodegas Naia’s vines are gobelet-trained, an ancient, untrellised vine method going back to the ancient Romans and Egyptians. This training technique remains popular in Spain.


Bodeas Naia Old Vine Verdejo

Bodegas Naia Rueda