Domaine Le Clos Des Lumières Merlot “Les Cypres”

Domaine le Clos des Lumières Merlot “Les Cypres”


  • The vineyards are planted on chalky sand-clay soil, which dates from the Miocene and Pliocène period (3 to 18 million years ago).
  • This soil has a lot of complexity: because of erosion, the soil particles have become very fine, small enough to be picked up by the roots.
  • This region also benefits from the largest number of sunshine hours of France, important for the photo synthesis, sugar and maturing process.
  • Limited amounts of fertilizers are used, only to maintain a balance in the soil, and when required by the vines. This is based on soil and leaf analysis.
  • The northern wind called “Mistral”, blows up to 100 days a year, and keeps the vines clean and healthy.

Varietal Composition: 100% Merlot

Elaboration: The harvest is done during the night to limit oxidation. The grapes are destemmed and crushed, followed by a cold pre-fermentation maceration to enhance fruit aromas in the wine. The vinification is done at low temperature with regular pumping over and cap-punching.

Tasting Notes: Deep red, almost black in color. Very intense nose dominated by black fruit. The palate will again reveal these black fruit aromas, but is followed by spices such as laurel and sage. The tannins are present but well built in.




Domaine le Clos des Lumières is a 50-hectare, family farm founded in 1946 by the grandfather of the domaine’s current vigneron, Gerald Serrano.  The ambitious and talented Gerald Serrano is solely responsible for the recent “coming out” of this estate – Prior to taking things over in 2003 Gerald’s father was selling all grapes on the estate to the local cooperative.

Having grown up on the property, Gerald is intimately familiar with the terroir here.  The oldest vines now edge 60 years in age and this land really seems to “pack the character in.”.  We’ve sold massive amounts of Rhone wine over the last forty years, and these are the most well-received Cotes du Rhone values we’ve carried in our history.

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