Yves Cuilleron Crenillat_Anciens Cépages

Yves Cuilleron Crenillat “Anciens Cépages”


  • Crenillat is part of the long-anticipated release of Yves Cuilleron’s “Anciens Cépages” project, the masterwork of a genius who woke up several decades ago with intellectual questions about the character of six forgotten varietals, some of which were later evolved to build the Northern Rhone’s vinous landscape as we know it.
  • Yves took massal selections of six nearly-extinct native varietals that were once common in the surrounding hills, planted them, and began producing micro ferments as a way to explore the historic DNA of Cote Rotie, Condrieu, Cornas, and Champagne.
  • This white varietal was originally from the Gier Valley. Also known as Arbane, the “lost” varietal of Champagne made famous by our friends at Moutard with their eponymous mono-varietal, highly-sought-after, super expensive example from the Cote des Bar.
  • All of Moutard’s century-old Arbane vines are descendants from today’s “Crenillat” clone.
  • The number of hectares of Crenillat planted is still very limited. This varietal never really took off commercially in the Northern Rhone, but should have.

Varietal Composition: 100% Arbane


Tasting Notes: A delicately textured wine with a lighter palate than the region’s Viognier and Roussanne, less acid than Clairette, and with a complex bouquet dominated by notes of yellow peach, noticeable minerality, and long aging potential.




Cuilleron Estates is a producer in the northern Rhône. The estate has been in the Cuilleron family for three generations, but it is the estate’s current owner and winemaker, Yves Cuilleron, who has expanded the size, scope, and scale of the vineyard, land holdings, and winery.

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