Domaine Anita

Domaine Anita

Anita Kuhnel’s first passion in life was professional cycling, that is until her former husband introduced her to her destiny – winemaking. In 2015, she took over 18 hectares of vines first planted in 1973 and created Domaine Anita.

Domaine Anita includes some of the  most prestigious crus of Beaujolais including Moulin à Vent, Morgon, Chénas, Fleurie, as well as some plots located on great terroirs of the Beaujolais-Villages appellation.

Anita’s viticultural practices are specific to each plot, but always within her overarching philosophy of sustainable viticulture, with minimal treatments, green harvesting and strong canopy management.

“I am committed to putting all my energy into making the best wines every day,” Anita declares. “This is why I chose to opt for plot cultivation, which allows each bottle to reflect the character of each plot. I call it, “Making the plots talk.”

In the cellar, Anita is assisted by Guy Marion, former head of winemaking at Georges Duboeuf with no less than 52 harvests in Beaujolais. Together they strive to produce terroir-driven wines of the highest quality.


Domaine Anita Chénas Cuvee P'tit Co Les Brureaux

Domaine Anita Chénas Cuvee P’tit Co Les Brureaux

Domaine Anita Chénas Premium Les Brureaux

Domaine Anita Chénas Premium Les Brureaux

Domaine Anita Fleurie Poncie

Domaine Anita Fleurie Poncie

Domaine Anita Fleurie Moriers

Domaine Anita Fleurie Les Moriers

Domaine Anita Morgon Chateau Gaillard

Domaine Anita Morgon Chateau Gaillard

Domaine Anita Morgon Prestige

Domaine Anita Morgon Prestige

Domaine Anita Morgon Prestige

Domaine Anita Moulin-à-Vent Tres Vieille Vigne Les Caves

Moulin-à-Vent Reine de Nuit

Domaine Anita Moulin à Vent Reine de Nuit

Moulin-à-Vent Coeur de Vigneronne

Domaine Anita Moulin-à-Vent Coeur de Vigneronne

Domaine Anita Moulin-à-Vent Rochelle

Domaine Anita Moulin-à-Vent La Rochelle