Domaine de Marce

Domaine de Marcé

Although located in the Touraine appellation area, Domaine de Marcé is located in a smaller region on the borders of Sologne and Touraine called La Sologne Viticole. To pinpoint it on a map, the winery is in the Department of Loir et Cher and the village of Oisly.

Famed novelist, Honoré de Balzac, said of this region, “Shame on whoever did not admire my joyful, my beautiful, my brave Touraine, whose seven valleys flow with water and wine.”

Oisly sits at 430 feet above sea level with gently sloping hills and soils of fine sand on a layer of clay. The sand imparts finesse, elegance, and suppleness to the Sauvignon grapes, while the clay contributes depth and substance.

The vineyard of 35 hectares faces the rising sun and enjoys a mild climate. The Sauvignon Blancs produced here are known well beyond the region. Eighty percent of the vineyard is planted in white, 20% in red. Sparkling whites and rosés are made in the traditional method.

Seventh-generation winemaker, Christophe Godet, grew up with these vines. After attending school for viticulture and oenology, took over management of the vineyard from his father, Daniel, a veteran of 50 harvests. Even in retirement, Daniel still offers advice and remains attentive to “his vines.” Christophe says, “If the school and the internships trained me in the job, it is more the field, the observation, the experience of my family that leads me to aim for excellence and to do everything possible to improve my vines and my wine over the years.”


Domaine de Marce Touraine Oisly Coulee Galante

Domaine de Marce Touraine Oisly “Coulee Galante”