Domaine Pierre Dumazet Côte-Rôtie

Domaine Pierre Dumazet Côte-Rôtie


  • The vineyards are located on the right river bank of the Rhône in the “Massif Central”, a mountain range of magma origin with a low Ph level.
  • The terroir is quite unique, it is the oldest one –over 240 million years- of all Crus in the Rhône valley.
  • The soil is composed of granite, black mica, gneiss and is partly eroded over the millions of years, making the particles very fine, with the minerals small enough to be picked up by the vine roots, taking them up to the grapes.
  • It is also here that the temperatures are the highest in the Rhône Valley. This Cru is for the majority originating in the “Côte Brune” part of the appellation, where the granite has a higher iron content, giving the wine complexity, aromas of wild animals with a very long aging potential.
  • Serve at 17 °C (63 °F).

Varietal Composition: 100% Syrah

Elaboration: Total respect for nature; no chemical treatments, all the vineyards are worked by hand, even the soil is hand turned with a 4-pronged fork. This way of cultivation enhances micro biological development in the soil and respectively more minerals will free up and found in the grapes, resp the wine. Yield control, leaf thinning and green harvesting are applied to stimulate perfect grape maturation and a high phenolic (aroma) level.

After a partial destemming, the vinification is classic, with a fairly long maceration period of often over 1 month. The aging takes place in 225 litre French oak barrels for 12 to 15 months. A smaller part of the barrels are new.

Tasting Notes: Classic and well made, powerful, balanced, good extraction, violets on the nose, black fruit on the palate, black olives, underwood, pepper, wild animals, tannins, minerality, very long mouthfeel, high aging potential.




Pierre Dumazet’s staunchly traditional domaine of the same name has been family-owned since 1860, with just under 6 hectares under vine. Cru holdings in Condrieu and Cornas give them terrific advantage. Pierre is now 82 years of age, and he continues to works his vineyards by hand (perhaps the secret to his longevity?), With no pesticides, no insecticides, or chemicals at all. As you’d expect, terroir expression is monumental with these wines.

The winemaking is traditional, and unlike most in the Rhone nowadays, Pierre is anti-prefermentation. Whites are all destemmed, while the reds are 50% destemmed and 50% whole bunch, depending on the vintage. The Condrieu is vinified in used barrel and stays there for about 12 months. The reds age in used barrel for 12-15 months. Quantities are limited and sporadic.