Flagenheimer Bros.

Flegenheimer Bros.

Benjamin Hammerschlag’s family, late founder of Epicurean Wines, arrived in the States from Germany in the late 1800’s. His great-great grandfather married a young girl by the name of Flegenheimer and joined her family’s business. The Flegenheimer’s were New York Wine Merchants – in their day a well-known, thriving, pre-Prohibition family enterprise with several locations throughout the greater New York area. From Brooklyn to Yonkers, Hoboken to Newark, Flegenheimer Bros dealt exclusively in quality beverages.

The business was established in 1876 and was still flourishing in 1919 when the manufacturing, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages were outlawed in the United States. Three generations later, the youngest Hammerschlag, Benjamin, resurrected this heritage with a reserve red from his high altitude, McLaren Vale property – giving new life to the legacy that began long before he too chose wine as his passion and founded Epicurean Wines.

Epicurean Wines is continuing this legacy…


Flegenheimer OTP Sparkling Shiraz

Flegenheimer Bros. Sparkling Shiraz

Flagenheimer OTP Petite Sirah

Flegenheimer Bros. Out of the Park Petite Sirah

Flegenheimer OTP Shiraz

Flegenheimer Bros. Out of the Park Shiraz

Flagenheimer Paisant Red

Flegenheimer Bros. Paisant Red