French Pool Tote Rose

French Pool Tote Rosé


  • The French Pool Toy Rosé is the go anywhere eco-friendly white wine.
  • It is in an 100% recyclable unbreakable bottle which is perfect for the pool, beach, boat or any glass-free venue.
  •  The tote is lightweight, compact, and resealable. It has an easy to open, leak proof spout and is eco-friendly.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Enjoy this wine for up to 30 days after opening.

Varietal Composition: 60% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 10% Syrah

Tasting Notes: Crisp flavors of fresh picked berries with a hint of citrus.




French Pool Toy wines are the result of an accident. Maurice, a French-American boater, was enjoying a sail with friends and toasting the sunset with a bottle of Rosé. The glass bottle was knocked over and broke on the deck, cutting Maurice’s foot.

That night, an idea formed. Maurice began to formulate a solution for boats, beaches, pools, concerts –anywhere glass would be a hazard. Why let a heavy, bulky and dangerous glass bottle ruin someone’s summer fun, not to mention waste some good wine?

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