Les Hauts Plateaux

The Bréban company is one of the last family owned company producing artisanal sparkling wines in the South of France. The House of Bréban Wines (“Vins Bréban”) has been producing and supplying a wide range of wines of varying styles and aromas to restaurants and retail distributors since 1952. The grand-father, Raymond, started elaborating sparkling wine in his garage in 1942. He has then decided to add a full range of wines from Provence.

Since that time, two generations have been managing the company with the same passion and philosophy for quality. Jean-Jacques Bréban took the reins from his father, Raymond, in 1968. Jean-Jacques’ son and daughter, Laurent and Julie, have joined their father in continuing with the family tradition of producing wines from this region. Today, they are famous in France and all over the world for the quality of the wines of Provence and for their premium hand crafted sparkling wines.


Les Hauts Plateaux Rosé

Les Hauts Plateaux Rosé Alpes de Haute Provence