Lockwood Vineyard Monterey Chardonnay Unoaked

Lockwood Vineyard Monterey Chardonnay Unoaked


  • Grapes grown for Lockwood Vineyard Chardonnay Unoaked is 100% estate grown, giving the best expression of aromas and flavors exclusive to Monterey.
  • These grapes are selected only from specific, vigilantly maintained, and thoroughly analyzed blocks within the expansive San Lucas Vineyard. By thoroughly examining each microclimate, and corresponding soil profile, then evaluating various combinations of varietals, clonal selections and rootstocks, Lockwood is able to choose the best plantings in the vineyard.

Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay

Elaboration: The wine underwent a cold fermentation for 20 days at 55°F – 60°F and was aged on lees for 8 months in 100% stainless steel with the lees stirred weekly. Aged in stainless steel for 9 months

Tasting Notes: Inviting aromas of green apple and citrus are accented by vibrant mineral notes. Bright flavors of honeysuckle and passion fruit dance on the palate, ending with a hint of lemon. The wine displays a crisp acidity while maintaining a balanced palate and creamy texture that leads to a long finish.




First released in 1989, Lockwood Vineyard was developed under the belief that world class estate produced wines are attainable through ideal vineyard location and quality winemaking. Lockwood Vineyard’s founders, Paul Toeppen, Phil Johnson and Butch Lindley, who have cumulative vineyard management experience of over 90 years, first planted the large 1,850 acre San Lucas Vineyard in 1981 after concluding that the parcel was perfect for growing premium grapes.

The vineyard is in a remote area nestled at the base of the Santa Lucia mountain range, in Monterey County, and is one of the largest premium estate vineyards in the world. The San Lucas Vineyard consists of a unique soil that was recognized by the U.S. Geological survey in 1946 and is only found in two small areas of Central California, San Lucas Vineyard and a coastal cliff region near Big Sur. The “Lockwood Shaly Loam,” consists of crushed fossilized seashells similar to chalk and limestone. This soil is uniform to depths of greater than 20 feet, and due to its low nutrient and mineral content, the vines are restrained and must work hard for survival. The added vine stress and excellent water drainage from this soil creates grapes with structure and complexity.

Under the new ownership of Boisset Famiy Estates, Lockwood Vineyard continues to be devoted to producing high quality estate grown wines.