Moe and Flora Momtazi immigrated to the U.S. from Iran in the 1980s and, on April 1, 1997, purchased what is now the 532-acre Momtazi Vineyard and Maysara Winery. It is located in McMinnville, Oregon, in the McMinnville AVA, about 50 miles southwest of Portland. Their three daughters are all heavily involved in running the operation as winemaker, head of sales, and event manager.

Back in Iran, Moe had learned the value of organic farming and respect for the earth from his grandfather. Those principles remain vital to all aspects of the winemaking process at Maysara. They believe 90 percent of winemaking takes place in the vineyard. They use Demeter Certified Biodynamic winemaking techniques and vineyard management practices. They never use chemicals and employ a holistic approach to vineyard management by growing a variety of medicinal and dynamic flowers and herbs that they make into compost teas.

The estate’s location in the foothills of Oregon’s Coast Range protects them from valley weather influences, providing warmer days and cooler nights with less precipitation during the harvest season. The property has highly diversified soil types. producing between 1.75 to 2.25 tons of fruit per acre.

In the cellar they practice old-world techniques, holding vintages until the wines are fully evolved, rather than releasing them chronologically. The family believes that healthy soil and vines will produce superior grapes with little or no intervention to create superior wines.

The family’s passion for sustainability and unadulterated terroir expression has resulted in well-regarded, award-winning wines. The Momtazis’ respect for the land also extends to their relationship with their employees, many of whom have stayed with them for more than 30 years.


Maysara Arsheen-Pinot-Gris

Maysara Arsheen Pinot Gris

Maysara NV-Autees-Pinot-Blanc

Maysara Autees Pinot Blanc


Maysara Sparkling Rose

Maysara Cyrus

Maysara Cyrus Pinot Noir


Maysara Asha Pinot Noir


Maysara Jamsheed Pinot Noir

Maysara 3 Degrees Pinot Noir

Maysara 3 Degrees Pinot Noir