Reserve de Marande Chardonnay

Réserve de Marande Chardonnay


  • This Chardonnay has been selected by the winemaker within the protected vineyards in the south of the Pays d’Oc appellation where the vines are planted in cooler areas, and on small lands (Campet) which, in the 19th century were surrounding the wineries.
  • The resulting wine is a Burgundy style Chardonnay

Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay

Elaboration: The grapes are thoroughly selected from our best Chardonnay vineyards. After a short maceration, the crop is gently pressed. The vinification as well as the maturing process are carried out under the influence of differently toasted French oak staves. After the fermentation, the fine yeast is stirred up periodically allowing the wine to gain a round, and soft velvety mouth feel.

Tasting Notes: Bright gold in color. Ripe peach aromas combined to honey melon with subtle toasted notes. Elegant and smooth with a wonderful thickness and a persistent finish.




The Réserve de Marande range offers seductive and generous wines, produced in southern France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon and Gascony region.

Although the Languedon-Roussillon region is home to two big mountain ranges, the Pyrenees and the Cevennes, it also benefits from the Mediterranean climate. With its coastline bordering the area on the South, it brings hot and dry summers after the rainy winters, favoring a perfect maturity of the grapes. In the mountains, the humidity and cool temperatures helps the vines produce grapes packed full with fruity aromas. In this area, the various climates, soils and reliefs means the different varietals express themselves in unique ways.

The Réserve de Marande range of wines has been crafted by a key figure, that participated in the renewed success of Southern French wines. Philippe Lebrun studied winemaking and oenology in the heart of the Burgundy wine region, where he learned the importance of the terroir and its strong influence on the wine style. He particularly excels to craft single varietal wines, where the terroir expression is at its best.

He crafted Réserve de Marande range as he believes in the true potential of the Gascony and the Languedoc regions in producing extraordinary wines, that truly reflect a singular terroir. Bringing his experience and know-how to craft genuine wines, Philippe succeeded in improving quality and taste, thanks to a rigorous selection in the vineyards and a perfect control of the winemaking process. Vintage after vintage, he continuously strives to create tremendous wines, with passion and dedication.

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