Unico Zelo True Blue

Unico Zelo True Blue


  • True Blue is Unico Zelo’s take on the everyday, reliable, brooding red blend, choosing varieties suited to their respective climates.
  • The vines are grown in the Riverland, Langhorne Creek and Adelaide Hills .

Varietal Composition: 35% Grenache, 25% Touriga, 18% Nero D’Avola, 12% Syrah, 10% Motepulciano

Elaboration: Grenache does the heavy lifting, a variety we haven’t dived into much as it’s far from the underdog varieties we typically use. Still, after working with some 1940s vines in the Riverland, we’ve become enamored with this drought-hardy variety.

Touriga Nacional from the mighty Langhorne Creek is our next heavy hitter in the blend. It adds a rich, ironstone drive full of ripe black fruit and black olive tapenade.

We’ve pieced the puzzle together with small doses of our beloved Nero D’avola, some lovely Adelaide Hills Syrah (one of the best places to grow it in the country), and a new one for us, Montepulciano, with a lively spicy finish!

Tasting Notes: True Blue is a rich, ironstone drive full of ripe black fruit and black olive tapenade. A lively spicy finish!


2021 – 92 Wine Enthusiast


A new venture in the Adelaide Hills by winemaking couple, Brendan and Laura Carter. Following their passions for Italian-inspired, textural and site-expressive wines, they seek to create Australian examples of Mediterranean varieties in an approachable and jovial fashion.

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